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Bloxorz is a popular online game that has captured the attention of players all over the world. The game, which is available on a variety of platforms, is a puzzle game that requires players to manipulate a block-shaped character in order to reach a designated goal.

One of the reasons why Bloxorz is so popular is because it is easy to learn but difficult to master. The game starts off with simple levels that teach players the basics of how to control the block and navigate through the different obstacles. As players progress through the levels, the difficulty increases and players are presented with more complex puzzles to solve. This gradual increase in difficulty makes the game challenging and engaging for players of all skill levels.

Another aspect of the game that contributes to its popularity is the variety of levels available. The game features over 33 levels, each with its own unique set of obstacles and challenges. This variety keeps the game interesting and prevents players from getting bored.